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For this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host CK sits down with Max Hillebrand (@HillebrandMax), a prolific Bitcoin education and member of the Bitcoin privacy research group zkSNACKs. The pair dive into updates on Wasabi Wallet (ZKSnacks’ primary product) and discuss higher-level introductions to topics that are essential for all Bitcoiners and advocates of liberty.

Specific topics discussed include:

  • Wasabi Wallet, Bitcoin mixing updates
  • Chaincase creating a mobile client for Wasabi CoinJoins
  • Explaining crypto anarchy
  • Explaining property rights
  • Discussing Wasabi’s growth
  • All of the different aspects of Wasabi Wallet that make it a fantastic privacy wallet
  • A shoutout to Andrew Chow for the HWI integration
  • Explaining how Chaincase is creating a mobile client for Wasabi
  • Discussing 6102 and Bitcoin CoinJoin

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